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Dream Chaser  (2002)

01. Once Upon A Time There Was A Dream (DVD/Video Version)
02. I Wanna Love You Forever (DVD/Video Version)
03. Finding The Deal (DVD/Video Version)
04. The Making of SWEET KISSES (DVD/Video Version)
05. Where You Are (featuring Nick Lachey) (DVD/Video Version)
06. The First Tour (DVD/Video Version)
07. I Think I'm In Love With You (DVD/Video Version)
08. The Dream Is Coming True (DVD/Video Version)
09. IRRESISTIBLE: The Next Level (DVD/Video Version)
10. The Making Of The Video: Irresistible (DVD/Video Version)
11. Irresistible (DVD/Video Version)
12. The Making Of The Video: A Little Bit (DVD/Video Version)
13. A Little Bit (DVD/Video Version)
14. Dance! Dance! Dance! (DVD/Video Version)
15. The Dream Chaser Tour (DVD/Video Version)
16. Irresistible (MTV Spring Break 2001 - DVD/Video Version)
17. Me & My Fans (DVD/Video Version)
18. Irresistible (DVD/Video Version)
19. The Dreams Ahead (DVD/Video Version)
20. Play Program (DVD/Video Version)
21. Chapters (See Above Track Listing) (DVD/Video Version)
22. Audio Select (DVD/Video Version)
23. Bonus Features (DVD/Video Version)


With You  (2003)

01. With You (Promotional short form Video)
02. Making of "With You" Video (Video Version)
03. Sweetest Sin (Video - 750 kbps)
04. Making of "Sweetest Sin" Video (Video Version)


The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour  (2004)

01. Non-Musical Opening
02. Chet Chandler P.I.
03. Jessica and Jewel: Who Will Save Your Soul
04. K.I.T.T. the Wonder Car
05. Mickey Mouse Fantasy
06. Saloon Sketch
07. 10 Seconds of Awkwardness With Mr. T.
08. Jessica and Kenny Rogers: Islands in the Stream
09. Kermit and Miss Piggy
10. Nick la Shave
11. Hall of Famer Johnny Bench
12. Rim Shots 13. Nick and Babyface: For Once in My Life
14. Jessica: Take My Breath Away
15. Nick and Jessica: I Got You Babe
16. End Credits


Newlyweds, Season 1, 2, 3 a The Final Season  (2004-2005)


Skvělá realityshow, která se stala v USA velmi populární. Na DVD je celkem 40 epizod a spoustu bonusů.


Reality Tour Live  (2004)

1. Main Title
2. I Think I'm In Love With You
3. Forbidden Fruit
4. I Have Loved You
5. Take My Breath Away
6. Angels
7. Be
8. Everyday See You
9. You Don't Have To Let Go
10. My Way Home
11. Loving You
12. Sweetest Sin
13. Irresistible
14. With You
15. Credits


Mistři Hazardu (The Dukes Of Hazzard)  (2006)